Roof Cleaning

Over time, rooftops accumulate debris like leaves, pine needles, and sediment that traps moisture causing mold, algae, and fungus growth. Known as biofilm, this biological buildup infiltrates the microscopic pores of shingles slowly destroying roofing materials. Not only are leaks and cracks imminent, but the unsightly stains detract from home value. Avoid this costly damage through our advanced Roof Soft Washing service.


We begin by physically inspecting the roof to assess the extent of biological buildup and identify potential trouble areas. Plants, landscaping, and other exterior assets near the home are protected by covering or adjusting away from pressure spraying. One of our roof cleaning specialists then uses a high-powered soft wash system to apply our specially formulated cleaning solution across roof tiles. This quickly penetrates and lifts away all biofilm buildup including the roots within shingle pores. Next, we gently rinse the roof using precision pressure levels safe for materials while flushing away all dislodged residue. Any remaining trace moisture quickly evaporates.


Extends Roof Lifespan

Removing mold, algae, lichen, and moss before they damage shingle integrity extends the life of your roof significantly, preventing premature replacement costs. Ridding pores of moisture also eliminates hazards like leaks, mildew smells, and rotting infrastructure.

Prevents Costly Damage

Restoring your roof’s integrity prevents the exponential costs of repairing leaks, replacing boards, and framing repairs from water ingress damage. Keeping roof scaffolding strong protects your home’s structural stability.

Enhances Curb Appeal

Biofilm buildup results in visible black streaks and green overgrowth, marring roof aesthetics. Our gentle roof wash removes stains to restore original beauty and brightness. An algae-free roof complements home exterior details that catch the eye.

Eco-Friendly Process Available

Our non-toxic solutions are safe, biodegradable, and specially formulated to target only biofilm. The ingredients pose no risk to surrounding landscapes like gardens or trees. Our low-pressure soft washing also minimizes water usage for environmental conservation.

Energy Efficiency

Removing dark mold and algae growth enables roof tiles to reflect sunlight rather than absorb and transfer heat to your attic and living space. Cooling costs drop, providing added savings.

What to Expect

Within days of our roof soft wash, you’ll notice the dramatic difference. Seeing your roof transform from stained and mottled to a uniform clean surface. The roof will no longer be compromised by porous fungus but instead water-resistant and structurally sound. Leaving no trace of biofilm preserves this revitalized state for maximum longevity.

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