Ritchie Lapp

Co-Owner of Bradenton Pressure Washing

Blending Personal Passion with Professional Expertise

Ritchie Lapp

Ritchie Lapp, co-owner of Bradenton Pressure Washing, combines his Amish upbringing in Lancaster County with a diverse professional background in construction and youth mentoring. He is passionate about nature and community and enjoys outdoor hobbies like fishing and golfing. At Bradenton Pressure Washing, Ritchie applies his keen eye for detail and commitment to quality, viewing his work as a means to enhance people’s lives and properties.

A Glimpse into Ritchie’s World

Ritchie Lapp carries a diverse and rich tapestry of life experiences. Growing up in the Amish community of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, he developed a strong foundation in family values and traditional skills. His family, including his brother Mike, nephew, mother, and six siblings, remains a cornerstone of his life, reflecting his deep-seated commitment to familial bonds.

Interests and Hobbies

Ritchie’s life is a vibrant mix of outdoor activities and community engagement. A nature lover, his interests span fishing and ranching, which keep him connected to the earth and his roots. Beyond work, he finds joy and relaxation in golfing, fishing, and playing pickleball, seeing these activities as hobbies and avenues for building relationships and community ties.

Professional Journey

Before his venture into the pressure washing industry, Ritchie’s professional background was grounded in construction. Working with Lapp Structures, he specialized in crafting custom storage barns, an experience that instilled in him a keen eye for detail and quality. His tenure at Gator Boys Camp School, serving young boys in difficult home situations for one and a half years, further honed his empathy, communication skills, and commitment to positively impacting others’ lives.

Philosophy in Business

In 2023, Ritchie embarked on a new chapter as the co-owner of Bradenton Pressure Washing (formerly SRQ Pressure Cleaning). His personal experiences and values deeply influence his approach to business. For Ritchie, pressure washing is more than just a service; it’s an opportunity to bring a sense of renewal and care to people’s lives and properties. He relishes meeting new people and adding value to their experiences through his work.

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