Pool Cage & Screened Porch Cleaning

Outdoor living spaces like pool cages and screened porches allow enjoying the fresh air without bugs, leaves, and other annoyances. But Florida’s humid climate encourages mold, mildew, and algae to accumulate on surfaces and fabrics quickly. Avoid costly screen and structure replacement by restoring back to pristine condition through our Pool Cage and screened Porch deep cleaning service.


We start by removing furniture, accessories, and decor from the space. Technicians assess screens first, noting holes needing patching and the level of cleaning needed – light, moderate or heavy. Using commercial-grade equipment containing mess, they apply our formulated cleaning solution to saturated surfaces and allow time to penetrate buildup. Next, our team pressure washes away lifting grime and rinses the area fully. Screens get second-pass stain-fighting soap while pressure remains safely adjusted for each area’s screen material and frame composition. 

For the structure, they address areas needing structural repair first. Using a soft washing technique, exterior surfaces receive a cleaning solution allowing time to lift stains before pressure rinsing. We may do an additional soap pass for heavily stained areas. Lastly, we remove all standing water for moisture prevention.


Eliminates Health Hazards

In addition to unsightly staining, mold, and mildew release allergy-aggravating spores into the air you breathe making porches unusable for sensitivities, especially children and the elderly. Complete removal restores safe enjoyment.

Prevents Costly Replacement

Algae & mildew damage screen mesh fostering tiny tears that expand to major holes and rips if unchecked. Our cleaning removes deterioration and seals screens. Catching structural issues early prevents complete cage rebuilding.

Boosts Functionality

Thorough cleaning leaves screens dramatically improved allowing fresh airflow as intended rather than blocked by debris and buildup preventing breeze passage. A clear visibility outlook also improves sightlines.

Enhances Gathering Space

With a bright refreshed appearance, clean hygienic surfaces, and excellent visibility your outdoor room once again becomes hosting-worthy rather than an off-limits dingy mess. Valuable living area gets restored.

Eco-Friendly Process Available

We use 100% biodegradable formulas safe for plants and pets and contain no harsh toxins that could leach into soil or surrounding areas. Our process is environmentally friendly.

What to Expect

The transformation of dark dreary screened spaces to light inviting bright backdrops is incredible. Visitors will complement the revived area and guests will comfortably enjoy the clean set up. We restore outdoor rooms to their original potential as versatile, airy gathering places, protecting attendants from insects, leaves, and weather elements. Annual maintenance cleaning preserves quality long term. 

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