Paver & Driveway Cleaning

Outdoor paved areas like driveways, walkways, and pool decks eventually show wear from weathering, erosion, and everyday use. Unaddressed grime in pavement pores and stains from spills cause unsightly discoloration and lead to structural issues over time. Avoid costly paver replacement or concrete repairs through our professional paving and driveway cleaning service.


We remove debris like leaves or branches from the areas to be cleaned. For oil-based stains, we apply a degreasing solution to break up residue followed by a rinse before full-service cleaning. Using advanced equipment, we pre-treat each area with specifically formulated cleaners to loosen dirt from pores. During cleaning, high-pressure water is used to blast away all debris and stains extracted by the cleaner. We carefully control water pressure based on material sensitivity to protect the integrity of your surfaces.


Deep Clean Removes Stains

High PSI pressure washer jets and cleaning solutions lift oil, mold, mildew, and other stubborn stains from deep pavement pores that standard cleaning cannot touch. Driveways and pavers emerge looking great.

Seals Paver Pores

Pressure blasting removes trapped debris and seals the newly emptied crevices and pores with a tight seal. This minimizes re-staining, prevents erosion, and repels water penetration to extend pavement lifespan. 

Prevents Costly Damage

Letting stains persist eats away mortar over time, causing cracks and sinking bricks. Water seeping under pavers due to poor sealing results in movement erosion, posing tripping hazards. Preventing deterioration saves thousands in repairs.

Enhances Curb Appeal

Vibrant, uniform-colored, and structurally sound pavers project a welcoming property and improve perceived home value better than stained cracked pavement. Guests are impressed by the crisp finish.

Eco-Friendly Process Available

While tough on grime, our cleaners are specially designed for eco-sensitivity. Contained pressure washing neatly collects all broken-down contaminants. The cleaning causes no environmental runoff or soil contamination once rinsed.

What to Expect

When completed, the entire surface area will appear crisp, uniform, and free of previous stains with a like-new finish. Properly sealing the newly cleaned pores prevents rapid re-staining from normal use. With periodic maintenance, results last for years before re-cleaning is needed.

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