House Cleaning

Over time, every home’s exterior surfaces accumulate dirt, mold, mildew, and other buildup that takes away from aesthetic appeal while gradually causing structural damage. Our thorough House Washing service at Bradenton Pressure Washing restores the beauty of your home’s exterior and prevents deterioration through deep cleaning techniques tailored specifically for homes.


We begin by visually inspecting all surfaces of your home that require pressure cleaning to identify problem areas or special concerns for treatment. Areas commonly addressed in house washing include siding, brick facades, stucco, stone, walkways, patios, pool decks, driveways, fences, and ornamental landscaping. Our team protects or covers delicate features like foliage, lighting fixtures, and sensitive exterior accessories.

Our specialist then pressure cleans surfaces using state-of-the-art equipment with adjustable pressure control for proper cleaning without surface damage. We customize cleaning solutions according to the exteriors of your home to optimize cleaning while maintaining safety for surfaces and landscaping. As we work, we carefully address previously identified problems, ensuring complete stain and buildup removal. For two-story homes, we utilize lift equipment to access all areas when necessary.


Deep Cleaning Restores Visual Appeal

Pressure cleaning removes years of accumulated buildup that masks your home’s true exterior appearance. Eliminating dirt, mold, and stains unveils the surface design and architectural beauty. Enhanced aesthetics improve curb appeal and refresh the home’s look.

Prevents Costly Deterioration

Left untreated, mold and mildew eat away at common home materials like stucco, concrete, and wood causing structural issues over time. Buildup left in shingles and gutters also leads to water damage or roof leaks. Stopping deterioration early on prevents very costly home repairs later.

Improves Safety and Air Quality

Mold and mildew release harmful toxins into the air compromising health, especially for those with respiratory issues. House washing removes allergy and asthma triggers improving outdoor home safety. Removing grime also deters pest infestations.

Increases Home Value

A pristine, visually pleasing exterior directly correlates to higher home value. Whether preparing to sell your home or protecting your investment, house washing delivers significant ROI. Curb appeal is one of the highest drivers for increasing property valuation. 

Eco-Friendly Process Available

We use cleaning formulas that are environmentally friendly and safe for your home and landscaping. Our soaps do not leave any toxic residue or contaminants on or around your property after cleaning. The solutions are also biodegradable without harming the ecosystem.

What to Expect

When we finish washing the exterior of your home, the transformation will be immediately evident. Areas once covered with unsightly mold, dirt, and buildup emerge renewed. The cleaning unveils the home’s true color and architectural character. Everything from siding to stonework to ornamental decor shines with restored vibrancy. Removing allergens creates a welcoming habitat to enjoy your outdoor living space again.  

After our work is completed, it is common for neighbors to inquire about the dramatic improvements achieved through our house washing! We apply a prevention treatment at the end of cleaning to help deter rapid mold regrowth. However, we recommend occasional touch-ups to maintain the revitalized exterior year after year.

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