Paver Sealing

Outdoor paved areas like driveways, walkways, and pool decks eventually show wear from weathering, erosion, and everyday use. Unaddressed grime in pavement pores and stains from spills cause unsightly discoloration and lead to structural issues over time. Avoid costly paver replacement or concrete repairs through our professional paving and driveway cleaning service.


We clean the surface using pressure washing to remove all debris, residue, and traffic grime and prepare an optimal foundation for maximum sealant adhesion. Once fully dried, our application team uses an advanced spray method to apply an even commercial-grade sealant coating across the entire surface. We customize the sealant based on your paver materials and traffic levels. The application dries to an invisible barrier that waterproofs and fortifies the pavers.


Prevents Fading

The UV-resistant sealant forms an impenetrable barrier that blocks sunlight penetration to reduce fading of paver colors significantly. Surfaces maintain their original vibrant hues for exponentially longer than unsealed pavers.

Repels Stains

The liquid-repellant treatment prevents spill absorption into the pavers. Food, grease, mud, and other stains disappear instead of seeping into the interior finish. The surface wipes clean more efficiently.

Resists Wear & Tear

In addition to stains, high-grade paver sealants protect against erosion and damage from foot traffic, outdoor furniture scraping, and seasonal hazards. The extra layer boosts surface density for greater resiliency.

Extends Lifespan

Ultimately sealing fortifies pavers against all elemental threats accelerating wear, fading, and other deterioration. Well-preserved pavers endure for decades before replacement is necessitated.

Eco-Friendly Application

We use water-based 100% biodegradable sealant blends that are VOC-free and environmentally safe. Once cured, the treatment poses no harm and prevents rainwater runoff contamination.

What to Expect

Freshly applied sealant leaves a visible gloss quickly fading as it cures fully within 24 hours. Initially, the enhancing vibrant color will seem especially radiant. Once cured, a close inspection will still reveal brighter, more uniform hues. Best of all, sealed surfaces will maintain their renewed look year after year with proper reapplication every 2-3 years.

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