Commercial Exterior Cleaning

First impressions speak volumes. For businesses relying on customer visits, clean aesthetically pleasing exteriors project positive curb appeal that reflects well beyond frontage to perceptions of quality operations and merchandise. Neglected exteriors conversely detract and discourage patronage. We specialize in revitalizing commercial buildings through intensive exterior pressure cleaning uniquely tailored for business properties.


We offer comprehensive commercial pressure cleaning including storefronts, office facades, hotels, strip malls, restaurants, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and all exterior vertical and horizontal hard surfaces. Our commercial cleaning process utilizes hot-water systems generating between 3000-4000 PSI to pulverize deeply embedded grime that harmful cleansers cannot touch. We custom-design cleaning solutions based on building materials that dissolve molds and biological growth for a uniform finish.


Enhances Curb Appeal

Restoring discolored dingy exteriors to a clean vibrant state vastly improves curbside aesthetics resulting in more welcomed patronage. Clean crisp colors signal quality, and reliable businesses are more likely to earn new sales opportunities.

Adherence to Ordinances

Consistent cleaning ensures property adherence to municipal regulations regarding aesthetics, property maintenance codes, and health ordinances related to standing water or exposed grime. We help prevent violations through routine cleaning.

Reduced Risk

Removing slippery algae growth, filling divots minimizing fall risks, and clearing drainage areas lessen premises liability from falls or visitors tracking contaminants indoors to floors and merchandise.

Surface & Structural Protection

In addition to aesthetics, our intensive exterior cleaning removes contaminants causing gradual structural damage from wood rot, rust expansion, and other flaws expedited by neglected grime. Preventing deterioration avoids major repairs. 

Ongoing Maintenance Plans

We customize scheduled ongoing cleaning plans based on the property size, high traffic zones, public exposure, municipal ordinances, and other unique considerations to maintain pristine exteriors year-round within allocated maintenance budgets.

What to Expect

Typical coarse brick, textured concrete, and other porous commercial building materials trap tons of damaging debris in crevices gradually decaying structural integrity. Our acute commercial cleaning extracts amazing amounts of pollutants restoring surfaces to original brightness and quality. Having a consistent cleaning program in place keeps exteriors in quality condition for ideal aesthetics and architectural soundness.

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